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The results of tested slub yarn samples showed that actual slub geometrical. Amsler effect slub, amsler slub yarn manufacturers, supima. Materials and equipment a yarn match the yarn to the use of the article when its done. The terminology as well as the classification for novelty yarns varies considerably. Present study embodies the effect of some important parameters like base yarn twist level, number of base yarn, twist direction and injected fibre components on injected slub yarn performance in terms of tensile strength and breaking elongation.

The traditional manual measuring method based on the black board and using standard measuring scales is time consuming. This research aims to build a computerbased system for measuring slub yarn characteristics and evaluating the results using statistical methods. Knitting with ribbon yarn can be a challenge at times. See more ideas about knitting, knit crochet and knitting patterns. The long life and strict quality check mechanism of our slub yarns have cemented our placed among the eminent combed slub yarn manufacturers, suppliers and exporters from tanuku, andhra pradesh. Variations in yarns, colors, and needle sizes give many interesting effects. Some ribbon yarns are flat, while others are tubular in construction. A wide variety of open end slub yarn options are available to you, such as spun. The binder is used to tie the effect yarn to the base yarn if binding is necessary. This research aims to build a computerbased system for measuring slub yarn. Gray stretching and thresholding were carried out to preprocess the image of slub yarn. Effectively, due to its irregular structure composed with flames and thinnesses, the slub yarn should have lower values of yarn count compared to the ring spun yarn to reach a higher quality.

Types in todays market most of fancy yarn systems available produce thin place occur before and after slub yarn, which leads to more breakages in down streaming process of knitting and weaving. Slub yarns contain many structural parameters such as the slub length, slub distance, base yarn count, slub count, and the total length of slub patterns which can vary from small to long 1. Recognition the parameters of slubyarn based on image analysis. Pdf effect of descriptive parameters of slub yarn on. Think and write some of the other uses of fabrics in your house. Acrylic is a synthetic material with a wide range of possible end uses. Measurement of slub yarns part 2 experience in mills uster. False twist textured yarns, principles, processing and applications by c atkinson 20. By spinning slub yarn with predictable, repeating slubs, the material woven from it.

A list of potential substitutes, if you cant get hold of fleece artist wool slub, with detailed advice and warnings about any differences. State of art technology for double yarns by volkmann and parallel yarn winding by precision propeller winders for the best results. Injected slub yarn is one of the most promising among different types of slub yarns. Which has me thinking gray and not yellows and greens. A wide variety of slub yarn patterns options are available to you, such as spun, combed, and carded. Amsler effect slub yarn is manufactured at agc using the latest computerized yarn designing technique. Ribbon yarn loves to spin and twist while you are working with it.

Yarn is composed of twisted strands of fiber, which are known as plies when grouped together. A computerbased system for evaluation of slub yarn. The measuring system was based on the electrical condenser of the uster evenness tester as a measuring sensor. With the uster fancy yarn profile, it is possible to separate the count of the slubs from the count of the base yarn, in order to describe the yarn more accurately. Response of slub characteristics on tensile properties of. Slub is produced by the speed variation of back and middle rollers. Heddels explains slub yarn slub yarn refers to yarn that has been purposely spun with slubs thicker sections along the yarn. This is especially true if youre a perfectionist and like all of your stitches to look pristine. Slub yarn or fancy yarn is yarn whose structure or fiber composition differs from the normal smooth yarn.

Amsler tex ag brings diversity to textiles and an air of extravagance to classic wears, socalled saltandpepper effects on knitted garments. A computerbased system for evaluation of slub yarn characteristics. These technologies are used for things like personalized ads. We would like to thank all the people who helped us during writing this thesis. The federal trade commission has a slightly more complex. Get slub yarns at best price with product specifications. Yarn is selected for different textiles based on the characteristics of the yarn fibres, such as warmth wool, light weight cotton or rayon, durability nylon is added to sock yarn, for example, or softness cashmere, alpaca. Matinsa has always been a reference in technological innovation in the textile field. Nothing short of constant vigilance on the part of the knitter will keep the yarn from twisting.

Summary of typical faults and aspects of slub yarns and. Slub yarn measurement from uster mass diagram slub length slub thickness base yarn length slub thickness slub length slub length base yarn length 19. It can be made from synthetic or natural fibers, such as silk or cotton. Bharni cotton mills is a yarn manufacturing company located in coimbatore, producing 100% quality yarns such as combed, semicombed, carded and slub. We do this with marketing and advertising partners who may have their own information they. Amsler has developed a special flameeffect yarn which is designed to stir the emotions.

Pdf optimization of the slub yarn tensile strength with. But slub yarn is really beautiful and finding a technique that allowed me to use this pretty yarn in the only way i know how to turn knots into hats did make me very happy. Ch1 slub program code 45 3 20 21 lenght thickness 3 4 20. Fundamentals of yarn winding by milind vasudeo koranne 18. At the time of writing this motes, the market share held by cotton is about two thirds of the. The development work was based on an injection process. Fancy yarns amsler slub yarn technology and pinters core spun attachments add special values to our product line.

This is a yarn in which slubs are deliberately created to make the desired. Slub definition is to draw out and twist slivers of wool, cotton, etc. Back and middle rollers get motion from the same gearing and the front rollers get motion from separate gearing. Injection slub by laxmi caipo knitted fabrics mayer and cie machines to produce value added fabrics. Fabric b cream fabric including slub yarn in the weft. If we change yarn properties values according to customer.

In this study, it was aimed to achieve maximum slub yarn tensile strength with an. Fancy yarn configuration this is the overall definition, how a slub yarn should be evaluated regarding the reference level, the setting of a limit to separate slubs from random. In ultraspin, the thin places are completely avoided by means of special algorithm. Clearing yarn defects like slub, thick and thin places, neps, etc. Slub band, a computer music group formed in 2000 slub knitting, a thick spot in a yarn created by varying the tightness of the twist. Subscribe to knitbits enewsletter for free patterns, knitting tips, and and a coupon code for 50% off your next berroco pattern pdf purchase. I would have never imagined that slub would bring me joy. Supima cotton slub, amsler slub yarn and viscose slub yarn is 100% machinery equipped at agc. Uster tester 5s800 measurement of slub yarns for retailers. The writer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless yarn and its respective directors, officers and employees from and against any and all losses, liabilities, damages, costs or expenses including reasonable attorneys fees and costs arising out of a claim by a third party by reason of. Moltissimi esempi di frasi con slub yarn dizionario italianoinglese e motore di ricerca per milioni di traduzioni in italiano. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search. Combed yarncarded yarnsemicombed yarnslub yarncotton mills.

The slub yarn was wrapped on the surface of the black board by yg381 yarn evenness tester. Slub yarn refers to yarn that has been purposely spun with slubs thicker sections along the yarn. In the ring frame, there is a servo motor with slub gear and another with twist gear. H manitoba 2015 knitting is one of the most widely used home crafts. Slub yarns are used in the textile industry for various applications, like e. Introduction ground slub yarn is a simple fancy yarn whose slub appearance is gained by the variation of yarn linear density during spinning process and no additional yarn or process is required. Specific permission must be obtained in writing from woodhead publishing or crc press for such.

While it was once seen only as a defect, slub yarn is now intentionally created to give fabric more personality. To study how to improve the productivity of yarn and. A high resolution scanner was used to acquire the yarn image. Yarn that is spun intentionally to achieve an irregular shape, in terms of length and diameter. Uster technologies ag introduced the slub yarn evaluation tool fancy yarn profile which is a software option to the uster tester 5 7 and pointed out that the appearance of the resulting. Injected slub yarn manufacturers, poly injection cotton and. Earth guild 33 haywood street asheville nc 28801 18003278448 8282557818 fax. Monograph and textbook writing scheme aims to develop a culture of writing and to. A digital storage oscilloscope was used to convert the analogue output signals into digital data to be recorded on a computer. A slub or thick spot in a yarn is created by varying the tightness of the twist of the yarn at various intervals. Combed slub yarn,combed cotton slub yarn,combed slub weaving.

Acrylic can be made into yarn or fabric as well as many other types of products. Best fancy yarns with amsler slub yarn technology in india. Pdf a computerbased system for evaluation of slub yarn. Recognition the parameters of slubyarn based on image. In the year 2000, the development of the first filcom slub was a revolution in the field of systems based on spinning machines, bringing the capacity of producing compound yarns and of modifying every single parameter of the compound yarn online, without stopping the machine, and without change of the draft gear. High quality slub, core spun and cotton yarn manufacturer. Oct 10, 2010 lakshmicaipo, leader in slub yarn system provider, successfully installed 1,80,000 spindles in a short period of two and a half years. By separating the slubs from base yarn with different widths, the slub length, slub distance and slub amplitude can be obtained.

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