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Surprised by a brown bear in the western talkeetna mountains, four of the teens sustained injuries. All methods of defense against bears have similar problems of access. I personally know of people who have dispatched black bear with a. Are guns more effective than pepper spray in an alaska. In the new world, these would include the cougar, jaguar, black bear, grizzly bear, brown bear and polar bear. If forced to usecarry a handgun in bear woods the handgun id be armed with is my. An unidentified alaska man shot and killed a brown bear sow thursday after the animal mauled him. This myth about how a 357 mag bullet will bounce off a bears skull is ridiculous. But the fact is a 357 mag will punch a hole as well as most and better than 90% of the rifles used to hunt bear. The alaska department of fish and game assistant area wildlife biologist dave battle stated that the eagle river man and his unleashed dogs were walking on a dirt road off of hiland road. Still, if i had to use a handgun on a brown bear id rather have 6 rounds of anything bigger than. He has other 44 mags, but likes the smaller, lighter 44 special.

If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above. Developed as a load to protect hunters while hunting or traveling in bear country, this american made ammunition is sure to keep you safe with its extreme terminal performance and stopping power. The dogs disappeared into the woods, then came running back to their owner with a grizzly right behind them. It was a campsite that was torn apart and it seemed the humans made a hasty retreat. Welcome to the predator masters forums be sure to visit the main predator master website at. A wolf pack constitutes a somewhat different type of deadly threat. Jun 25, 2007 making noise is a good idea, but sometimes that noise is just a dinner bell ringing for a bear. Lets compare the 357 magnum vs 10mm with a look at ballistics, capacity. I also found it to be suitable for carry in africa while hunting. Hsm bear ammunition is loaded with highquality, dependable components delivering drastically higher velocities when compared to standard loads. A bio of walt earl is included at the end of the book. Bearable cartridges for black bear winchester ammunition. Im looking at a vaquero for my next purchase, in fact i want it so bad that it just jumped all my other guns on. Hsm bear ammo 357 mag 180 grain lead round nose flat point.

As for caliber, i dont have any valid opinions for black bear. If i had to rely on anything smaller than a 44 mag for bear protection and thought there was a serious. Ive carried the full metal jacket version of it in black bear country. I have photos of a large aggressive brown bear that was shot and killed by a homeowner with a. Our bears range from 150 pounds to 600 pounds at the largest no coastal brownies here.

Hi all i know this topic always comes up, but i couldnt find any threads about this particular firearm. Forums user list calendar active threads forum help. There is something highly personal and elemental about a mans killing a grizzly. Dangerous predators stopped with handguns marksmanship matters. Hunting our biggest game is also available to purchase in print.

Reloading is easy, components are available, and there are still a manufacture or two that produce factory munitions. The three widely distributed magnum handgun cartridges are the. I will be working in northern alaska and the company i work for strongly suggests that i get a gun for bear defense. When i head afield, i nearly always carry one form of sidearm or another, and while the. Then he fell onto his stomach, dug his face into the dirt and covered. I will be working with heavy equipment that makes tons of noise, so i dont think that bears will be too much of a problem. I did some backpackingrock climbing in alaska and one of our guides carried a. Both pop with more power than you really need, but theres no such thing as too dead. This caliber is more than suitable if needed in brown bear country. His cousin, the brown bear, is an entirely different story. I read a detailed account and observed a reenactment on tv of an attack on two men by a polar bear. For my money, i wouldnt trust a 9mm, even though it seems to pass the test here. Hunters who travel a lot reach to find that one do it all round that is big enough for heavy game and will shoot flat for longer shots they might encounter.

Im in bc which is second only to alaska for grizz and blackie populations. The black bear brain sits far lower in the skull, and his forehead is more sloped. There is no pistol that can dependably kill big game. In reality you are highly unlikely to have a bear problem. Alaskan hiker stops charging brown bear with 10mm handgun. Pistols are prohibited from big game hunting in all states of the us. When bears attack top sidearms to carry in bear country. I live and work in bear country, and such would advise you carry both bear spray and a gun. Everyone knows that, for bar defense, even a moderately loaded 44 mag, is much superior to a hot loaded, heavy bulleted 357, mag. A search term that seems to bring a lot of people here is some combination of grizzly bear and. Bears were repelled or killed 84 percent of the time with handguns.

A friend of mine is a brown, and black bear guide in alaska. Pistols are excellent for killing people but not animals. Bbs can be dangerous, particularly a mama with cubs. Im thinking of find another speed six and using that as my packingcamp gunblack bear protector and maybe getting a 22 mag as a rodentvarmint plinker. In the new world, these would include the cougar, jaguar, black bear, grizzly bear. I believe in one of the many books about bear tales theres one about an old bear that was discovered to have a number of. I canoe and fly fish with 2 girls and a small wife and we want to bring along something everyone is comfortable firing that. The individual animals are smaller, but attack as a group, a very dangerous situation, indeed. I wouldnt challenge a grizzly with it but i feel confident vs black bears. Theres no way id take a 9mm or 357 sig in grizzly or brown bear woods deliberately. Yes im sure youve read 12,000 books on bear attacks and subscribe. According to a very wide ranging study cited in outside magazine. Ive never killed a grizzly but i would be very comfortable using a.

Sell your 357 magnum rifle for free today on gunsamerica. With this in mind, a highquality handgun chambered in. Register log in home forums alaska 357 magnum enough for bear. Will a 10mm stop a black bear or should i go with a 357. While your at order the 3 books by gary shelton, opposite view then. So to answer the original question i would much prefer the 44 special over the 357 mag. If a bear is charging it will almost certainly cover 50 yards before you could get a 7th round off anyway. Anyways, i started obsessing on the merits of bear spray versus firearms. The ultimate rifle cartridges for grizzly and brown bears. Well a 357 against bear is better then throwing rocks imho.

With the controlled expansion bullets already described, youll have the medicine to deliver from 10 yards to well past 400 yards. If you have grizzly and brown bears around, theres no excuse not to carry a. While a 12 ga slug is a much better option, i understand why you might not want to lug it around all day. With black bears, the noise of the shot might scare him away.

But, a smarter decision for bear hunting would a rifle. Oct 24, 20 theres no way id take a 9mm or 357 sig in grizzly or brown bear woods deliberately. This article is about using a handgun for defense against large predators, principally bears and large cats. He subsequently shot, stopped and killed the bear with his glock 33. If i had to rely on anything smaller than a 44 mag for bear protection and thought there was a serious chance of a bear encounter, i would probably stay home. I use it for deer and he uses it for black bear situations like yours. The following information on choosing a grizzly bear rifle comes from chapter 3 of hunting our biggest game by clyde ormond. I watched a black bear tear apart everything in sight after being shot in the head with a 3006. Alaskan grizzly bear attack demonstrates effectiveness of. Hsm bear ammo 44 remington mag 305 grain lead wide flat. Im of the opinion, that prevailing opinion, is largely a function of perception. Is a 200 grain bullet going 1200fps better than a 300 grain bullet going 1200fps.

Are guns more effective than pepper spray in an alaska bear attack. I like both singleaction and doubleaction revolvers for hunting, however when carried for selfdefense from bear attack, there is a pretty strong consensus that the doubleaction revolver is the better choice. Please allow up to 14 days for your order to process. The great thrillchoosing the best grizzly bear rifle. This attack makes 29 pistol defenses against bears that i have found. Course im saving up for a gun that pushes a 400 grain bullet at 1200fps. Would a 9mm handgun stop an attacking grizzly bear or just make it more angry. Many people are also able to shoot faster and more accurately with a. Max prasac books are a good reference of real hunter experiences too.

I think the carbine was a marlin with a short barrel, easy to manuver. Marksmanship matters dangerous predators stopped with. I grew up with bears frequently rumaging through our garbage cans and eating the dogs food off the back porch and for most of the defensive bear situations i have been in have always felt perfectly comfortable with a. Product title mtm fliptop ammo box 38 special 357 magnum 50rd. I had backpacked in about 4 miles when i found a disturbing sight. Details below, as well as the new super gp100 competition revolver and another look at the muchanticipated wrangler. Nov 17, 2008 a 357 rifle is of course better than nothing but you stand a sig chance of only wounding a charging bear which has the potential to put you in possibly a worse situation than from where you started. It seems that a lot of folks are interested in the question of whether the.

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