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From code group select visual basic enter the following code in the current worksheet sheet1 in our example. Excel multicolored line charts are a little gimmicky, after all we dont need color to tell if a line is going up or down. Excel vba line color marker line color stack overflow. Simplest vba code to highlight current row and column. Demonstrate how to change color of shapes using excel vba if you find this video helpful please give me a like to my video and subscribe to my channel. It is an interesting feature in excel, we can change background color of cell, range in excel vba. I am trying to change just the marker line color in vba but when i change the forecolor property it changes both the marker line and line color. To apply this, go to vba to create the subcategory in the name of vba font color or in any other name in a new module as shown below. It contains 150 readytouse vba macro code examples for excel. Yes, this code will clear all the colors you have done on the sheet, except conditional formatting, as in the gif above. Excel multicolored line charts my online training hub. We have a chart selected in the worksheet as shown below. Next, we clear all the cell colors from this sheet using the line cells.

The following code will give the plot area of the chart a light green background color. I would like to turn the line completely off and just use the marker line color or marker fill. The color which can be used with vb are black, blue, cyan, green, magenta, red, white, and yellow. Vba excel colorindex property is to set color or get color for objects like cell color and shape color. However, it can be useful for encoding data that is outside a threshold and can also speed up interpretation, especially if you use familiar traffic light color encoding. Specially, while preparing reports or dashboards, we change the backgrounds to make it clean and get the professional look to our projects. Colorindex properties of a ragecell to change the background colors. You can change the background color of just the plot area of the chart, by setting the rgb property of the fillformat object of the plotarea object. Sub macro3 dim ochart as chart dim oseries as series set ochart activechart set oseries ochart.

But at least with excel 2007 there is a problem with setting series. Colorindex offers 56 basic colors plus the following special numbers. You could at least post a sample dwg youre having an issue with. Quick styles for lines include theme colors from the document theme, shadows, line styles, gradients, and threedimensional 3d perspectives. In this article, you will learn how to change color of the row with a click. Vba font color how to color font using vba with examples. Our free vba addin installs directly into the vba editor see above. Line is a new communication app which allows you to make free voice calls and send free messages whenever and wherever you are, 24 hours a day. How to change color of the row with a click using vba in. Change the color, style, or weight of a line office support. Change all entitys colors using vba you dont provide enough detail in your explanation for me to help you. This excel tutorial collects the vba color code list for reference purpose, which includes colorindex, rgb color, vb color. Excel vba color code list colorindex, rgb color, vb color. And how to select the color in format is shown below.

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