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Just ask away pick up is from colonial light gardens sa 332644001004. Lathe operations od1645 lesson 1task 1 sliding gap feature, this lathe is similar to the floormounted engine lathe. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. It has a tapered roller bearing headstock with 1 116 spindle bore, 34hp motor. Used hercus 260 centre metal lathes in, listed on machines4u. Grizzly 9x20 metal lathe manual the best a very complete manual pdf file encos 9x20 metal lathe manual pdf file. As an a model sb9 lathe, it has a quick change gearbox with 40 ratios and power longitudinal and cross feed capability on the carriage. This lathe has a 9 work diameter capacity and a 48 bed. All oiling points on the hercus model a lathe are illustrated in fig.

Emco maximat super 11 emco compact 10 hercus 9 hercus 260 hercus 260g south bend 9 boxford 9 sheraton melbourne 9 other south bend 9 clones other lathes with similar sized beds ask to make sure features. Installation, construction and maintenance of the lathe 5. For those who dont know the hercus lathe is a improved copy of the 9 south bend model a. Late model hercus model atm series 260 beltdrive lathe with backgear. I also have the 1970 version of the hercus textbook of turning in pdf. Hercus 260 lathe enclosure deflectors, may also work with the 10 south bend, and boxford lathes. New hercus 260 or 9 lathe cross slide nut locking screw and pinpart nos. Sku 45861 for technical questions, please call 18004443353.

With the exception of feed and thread cutting mechanism all 3 models are identical. Dvd of the hercus 260 spare parts manual, all modelspart no. Hercus textbook of turning belt mechanical bearing mechanical. It contains the genuine hercus videos on how to opratemaintain the 260 lathe.

Hm570 hercus lathe data pack as a copy of the original 9inch south bend the hercus has the same layout and arrangement of models as the english boxford for which a dedicated, comprehensive operation, maintenance manual was issued that is ideal for use with the hercus. Theres a lot of reasons why a brake lathe chatters during a cutting operation. Destroying original hercus parts sounds like sacrilege to me so im leaving the pulleys alone for the moment. I was wondering if someone has got a pdf copy of the textbook of turning for this model, or any other userparts manual for this machine. Here is a hercus 260 lathe i recently purchased from a school. Full instructions for heattreatment of these steels are given by the steel. Page 4 unmodified plugs and matching out lets will reduce risk of electric shock. Lathe will be repainted in hercus vista green, reassembled and adjusted accordingly to hercus inspection sheet tolerances. Australian hercus model 260 lathes a late development of the original south bend copy used a slightly different arrangement of screwcutting changewheels. New nut for hercus 9 or 260 idler gear boltpart no. Lathe bed protection cover guards to protect precision beds from swarf and chips. Scanned lathe manual for hercus sb clone page 1 of 2 1 2 last.

Hercus textbook of turning free download as pdf file. Copy available upon request all replacement parts are genuine australian made by hercus. Pdf of hercus model a spare parts manual metal work forums. On the standard model 2601 variable speed or 260 4speed lathe you can turn stock up to 12 304 mm over the bed and up to 16 12 419 mm x 4 101 mm over the gap. This hercus lathe 9 in door appliance fiat download manual freehercus content will amco known lathe by bed better 4 tools controller. There is a pdf version of hercus textbook of turning on the internet.

Our purpose is to provide information about vintage machinery that is generally difficult to locate. Southbend produced a book called how to run a lathe. It is a poor quality video obviously rather old copied from vhs, and it is very basic information. Hercus 260 metal lathe interlock chip guard part no. South bend model 9a metal lathe walk through youtube. Scanned lathe manual for hercus sb clone this might already be going around but just in case here is the complete textbook of turning for the hercus lathe which from the educational perspective is equivalent to a sb. This is a manual for the south bend lathes that are very similar to the hercus lathe. Hercus lathe data pack as a copy of the original 9inch south bend the hercus has the same layout and arrangement of models as the english boxford for which a dedicated, comprehensive operation, maintenance manual was issued that is ideal for use with the hercus. Identify your lathe and its parts australian metalworking hobbyist. The metric version of the lathe, the model 260am with a 3 mm pitch leadscrew and a metric screwcutting. Hercus, boxford, myford and several others,are all clones of the 9 south bend lathe made in the us, so any manual relating to any of those will be useful to you and there are several you can download in pdf format. We have 2 hercus 260s at work and they survived the 25 years have been there no worries. Taig tools micro lathe ii user manual 17 pages brand.

Toyota tazz engine manual download hercus repair manual. I recently bought a hard copy of the 1989 version of the textbook of turning which covers the 260 and has an extra 50 pages of info. I cleaned everything including the oilways which were full of crud. I have pdf versions of the 260 spare parts and maintenance manuals if you want me to email them to you.

I bought a cd 260 series metal lathe from hercus on ebay. The introduction if you find metalworking as a fascinating art and youre looking to make it a fulltime profession, then you should bear in mind that you can achieve this, but you need to say, arm yourself with the right tools, equipment, and machinery. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above. Hercus 260 metal lathe maintenance manual with exploded views of major assemblies. The hercus was then gradually modified and improved with production lasting until 2001 when the final model, the 260 series, with a 10 swing and able to pass. As you might be aware, the hercus 9 lathe is a fairly close copy of the southbend lathe. There are some nz subscribers to this newsgroup, they might give you an. I bet the myford s7 will be around a lot longer as a current unit than the hercus 260, and therefore the s7 would be a more viable tool for the long term.

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