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The form and shape of the traditional guest book has morphed to match changing wedding trends and tastes. The wishing tree aspect in the book is a good idea of hanging wishes from wedding guests on the tree to be displayed at the wedding reception. Silver wishing tree, silver wedding favors, silver manzanita branches with this kit you get. Your chosen tree wrapped in hessian fabric and tied with a ribbon. Ideas for wedding wish trees instead of guest books. Ideas for wedding wish trees instead of guest books with images. This white wooden tree comes with 70 blank wooden hearts where your guests can write their names, memories or special messages and hang them on your tree. A dash of whimsy and a whole lot of wow make this wedding diy wishing tree kit an unforgettable detail at your wedding reception. Want a clever alternative to the old fashioned guest book at your wedding. I thought it might be cool to do a resolution tree or a wish tree of ways in which we want to be a better person like nana. Wishing well wish tree seating plans ceremonies i do. The beautiful wishing tree is the perfect alternative guestbook for your special wedding day.

For her wedding, they decided instead of a guest book, she made a wishing tree. This creates a spectacular wedding centerpieceespecially when the tree is placed at the entrance to the reception to wow guests right when they walk in. Then, guests can hang their cards on the tree, creating a lovely piece of artwork filled with messages of congratulations and love. Where people give a dollar to dance with the bridegroom for one song. Wishing tree wedding wedding tree guest book guest book tree wishing trees guest books wedding book april wedding wedding wishes wedding cards wishing trees have their origin in holland where wedding guests wrote their special wishes for the happy couple on. Instead of a guest book why not have a wedding wish tree. Wedding guest book alternative drop in wish box wishes wood rustic. Guest will sign their names on natural wood slices then hang this heart piece on. Dont forget to bake in your home oven to protect and seal on the messages. Wishing trees have their origin in holland where wedding guests wrote their special wishes for the happy couple on leaves or pieces of paper and hung. Have yo ur guests write you little notes on hang tags and attach them to a tree branches instead of using a traditional guest book on your wedding day. Unique wedding guest book alternative, rustic guest registry with 50pcs wooden hearts.

Simply have your guests write on the leaves of the tree with their best wishes for you on your special day. After the reception, keep the tree on display at home as a decorative memento of the day, or slide off all the wishes and keep them in a glass vase. Since we have our share of dishes and bedding, were having instead a wishing well wedding. Unique wedding guest book ideas that arent actually books.

These days, wedding guest books can be so much more than just a collection of your guests signatures. Instead of using a guest book at your wedding or even a cardboard wish tree, order a tree2mydoor wedding wish tree. Every wedding wish tree comes complete with a pack of 50 wish tags for your guests to write their special messages on before tieing their tag to a branch on the tree. This not only looked beautiful, but she now has a pretty display in her home. Alternative guest books and wedding wishes confetti. Wedding wishing trees are an alternative to the wedding guest book. After the wedding, turn it into wall art or a coffeeside table. But more important we ask of you, your love and presence on our wedding day too. I think this is a splendid idea and could add a very special touch to your big day. Instead of using a guest book at your next shower, wedding, graduation or birthday party, consider creating a wishing tree. Instead of a guest book, the couples vows, wedding date, and signatures of all the guests were put on a scroll, which is now matted and framed in the couples home. One nice memory is all of the guests who helped make your day special. You can take the cards home and put them in a scrap book.

Wishing well guest book weddings, planning wedding. Guest book wedding, retirement, birthday, graduation, even funeral thoughtful tree, meant as guest book alternative, would make a pretty gratitude tree or wishing tree thoughtful tree. The gorgeous white wooden tree comes with 70 blank wood. After the big day, gather up the wish tags to keep safe forever.

At davids, we have a wide assortment of classic and contemporary guest books to help you cherish your perfect day for years to come. Sep 9, 20 want a clever alternative to the old fashioned guest book at your wedding. Wish for a better guest book how to diy your own wedding. Wish for a better guest book how to diy your own wedding wish. Mar 19, 2012 want a clever alternative to the old fashioned guest book at your wedding. Try a beautiful wishing tree where guests write their happy thoughts. I helped assemble a wish tree when i worked with maxine andrew of instead of you at a beautiful bently reserve wedding. After your wedding day has come and gone, cherish the memories forever with keepsakes like your wedding photographs and wedding guest book. Nadine and greg, a couple whose wedding i am planning, have decided to do a unique and original wishing tree as an alternative to a traditional guest book.

Guests wrote wellwishes for the couple on recycled paper and then hung the notes from organic string on the tree. Memorialize your wedding day and the cast of characters who made it special with one of our unique wedding guest books. Whether youre looking for a customized wedding guest book emblazoned with your name and wedding date or are in search of the coolest alternative guest book ideas, the knot shop surely has just what youre looking for. A rustic wedding needs a guest book to match the theme and nothing says rustic like an old tree. The 6 best wishing well wording examples wishing well. Jennifer said shes planning on framing all of the pieces together and hanging it in a special place. Our decorative twig trees are so versitile and can be customised for every season. I was thinking we could have stones and guest could sign them with a wish for the couple and throw them in. This wishing tree would look great at the welcome table as a unique guest book alternative. Wedding guest book alternative, pine tree guest book custom wedding guestbook. The wedding wishing well is an easy way to accept cash gifts without making either the bride and groom or the guest feel uncomfortable. Find a book that matches your personality and wedding theme online at davids today. Regardless of how you use them, wishing trees are beautiful and a wonderful addition to your wedding. Wedding wishing tree wishing tree wedding, wedding.

This beautiful wooden wishing tree is absolutely stunning, and the perfect alternative to a traditional wedding guest book. Instead of a traditional guest book, use cards from an address file. Wedding wishing tree the gift of a tree wedding wishes. The wish tree is a dutch wedding custom where guests write their well wishes to the couple on a piece of paper, either shaped like a leaf or made of cardstock, and then hang it on the tree. Set your wishing tree out with your envelopes and slips of paper for your guests with write the newlyweds well wishes and hang them on the tree. Rustic wedding wishing tree wedding guestbook wedding wish tree wedding guest book alternative wishing tree with tags alternative guestbook slanntopper 5 out. Apr 29, 2018 want a clever alternative to the old fashioned guest book at your wedding.

While the classic wedding guest book comes with paper and binding, weve compiled a list of 52 unique wedding. Unique wedding idea wishing tree guest book a wedding blog. Wooden wishing tree wedding guest book alternative guest. Ideas for wedding wish trees instead of guest books want a clever alternative to the old fashioned guest book at your wedding. You could also save them to open on your first anniversary. Your wedding is a momentous occasion that you will always want to remember. Ask your guests to write their wishes onto pretty cards. Check out our wedding guest book alternative tree selection for the very best in. Feb 2, 20 want a clever alternative to the old fashioned guest book at your wedding.

Try a beautiful wishing tree where guests write their happy thoughts and well wishes and hang them on a tree. I want to have a small water fountain or wishing well type water feautre instead of a guest book. A wishing tree guest signin was one of the many green elements that rebecca and ryan incorporated into the wedding. Ideas for wedding wish trees instead of guest books wishing tree. A great way to keep a record of the people who helped you celebrate your marriage is with a guest book. Wooden guest book wishing tree for weddings ginger ray.

The wishing tree replaces a traditional guest book. Wishing tree large wooden guest book wedding wish tree guest book. Our set, by lovely design, contains handmade ones from vintage papers, so each is unique. Add a bit of fun to your wedding day by coming up with a unique alternative idea for a guestbook. Besides using these trees as an unconventional guest book, you could also use them to hang wedding favors on as pictured here or as table decorations with the table seating arrangement hanging on the cards. Diy wedding guest book ideas martha stewart weddings.

If you are not comfortable having an actual wishing well at your wedding you can set up a wedding account with your bank or your travel agent that guests can contribute to directly. The couple opted to have a wishing tree instead of a traditional guest book so that their guests could write their wishes for them on pieces of paper. Make your guestbook something special with this local shaper craftan old school wooden surfboard instead of a traditional guest book if your guests are avid surfers. This dropbox guest book is made of environmental and firm wood, both the tree and wooden heart. A platter is indeed a great guest book alternative. Last year i attended a wedding where the bride and the groom instead of having a guest book at the entrance table for guests to sign in, set up a big beautiful wishing tree. Wishing tree guest book alternative a wish tree as an alternative guest book coming from a dutch wedding tradition where visitors are provided with a. Scroll down to go directly to our roundup list of 20 creative wedding guest book alternatives that are a tad more exciting to read through than a standard guestbook. How to make a wedding wish tree hobbycraft youtube. A wedding guest book no longer needs to be pen and bound paper. Niagaraonthelake wedding from mango studios wishing. After the wedding, show off the tree in your home, or remove the cards and store them in a keepsake box.

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