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I can answer it in a very simple way who could on his own take down kyuubymounted uchiha with nothing more than nature chakra and closecombat techniques and a little of wood release if not a vessel of almost unending chakra reserves. Kakashi vs orochimaru boruto era battles comic vine. This distinction means minato is likely stronger than kakashi and able to. Minato is capable of defeating nine tails as he sealed the beast once. Just having strength in a war is not enough, lots of factors like morale, tactics, desire to win, and faith in the leader are vital for victory. Kakashis resolve part i, senjus laws of bijuus, movements of root and oto, and a familys determination to survive. Kmc forums movie genres anime manga hashirama senju 1st hokage vs minato namikaze4th hokage. Hashirama senju won that legendary fight vs madara in valley. Minato has no idea what hashirama actually fights like. We also follow smaller journeys of the past where minato could have stopped obito if he knew, while hashirama is reminded of their fight while they were younger.

Easiest way to victory i see is minato and tobirama using the revolving ftg tech what they used on juubito to deliver hashi right into a punch to the face by tsunade or reaper death seal from hiruzen. What is the passing marks in sanskrit out of 100 in inter. If the trio attacks at the same time, they might win a few rounds. Minato vs tobi quickly, but he was interrupted by obito uchiha disguised as. If minato was alive and madara had his normal powers, madara would win, obviously. Before his birth they had decided to name him after the main character in jiraiyas first book, hoping their son would. He announced hashirama senju when he revealed as the fourth. Hes the only who has been able to force ghost himself.

You do not have to win just fight the player who is using a character from the list to the end of the fight. This would be an insane battle for the history books. Minato can just simply teleport away can they even touch each other. He is a demon when it came to power but minato is not alive, and madara does not have his normal powers because. Teleportaion jutsu flying rajincreator of the rasengansage modereaper death. Now add minato to the mix and the fight will be over even quicker. Yoko has access to all seedsplants he may need and is in his demon form not his human form. Just as minato was sealing kushinas seal after the birth, a mysterious masked man named tobi killed kushinas midwife and the. The scale of hashiramas attacks would be difficult to avoid even for the flying thunder god and im just not sure how minato would get a win off. Sep 01, 20 the real power of jogan, boruto and shinki vs urashiki, sasuke saves boruto, boruto uses rasengan duration. This character is kakashi hatake, and he would quickly take the fandom by storm. In this video, swagkage and i go over yellow flash and 4th hokage, minato namikaze vs orochimaru of the sannin.

Jan 24, 2008 narutos father is the 4 hokage minato namikaze and the reason why minato sealed the kyuubi in naruto is coz he belived that naruto sum day would use its power for good. Naruto at his strongest vs hashirama at his naruto. First i will name a few powers and aspects of both of our fighters. But minato with his instantaneous reflexes might be able to dodge that as well. Against minato he was thrashed quite easily, hence his position among the akatsuki power ranking among the lower end of the spectrum. Actually, i also keep on wondering about these kind of stuff myself. Naruto would win, gaiden naruto is stronger than hashirama who is leagues above minato at this point naruto wins no problem.

Because edo tensei is an extremely powerful form to have. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. Own, a project of the organization for transformative works. Itachi uchiha and minato namikaze vs hashirama senju battles. The wiki says that hashirama died shortly after the creation of konohagakure.

Kakashi imo orochimaru apparently has been amped by hashirama cells. Who would win, hashirama senju vs tobirama senju answers. Just wanted to see what your thoughts were i say minato but thats just me. Who would win in a fight minato4th hokage or hashirama1st hokage both of these ninjas are considered the most powerful of all time and it seems to me stating who would win is a matter of opinion as both have extraordinary jutsus and power. The fourth hokage, minato namikaze, was considered to be the best shinobi. Sometime after hashirama was named the first hokage, madara used his eternal mangekyo to decipher the uchihas sacred stone tablet and fell into despair upon realizing the meaning of its contents. He failed to live up to his hype, even with his tailed beast mode. Wow the level of uchihatards is unreal to put it simply hashirama in base was stronger than ems madara. Madara is then confronted by might guy, minato namikaze, gaara and rock lee who each. Hashirama senju vs minato namikaze narutopedia fandom. Who would win in a battle between minato namikaze and madara. While naruto and kisame were locked in a battle of kunai vs sword, yugito attempted to strike kisame down from his blindside, only to be hindered by the sudden appearance of itachi. Many might say madara would easly win but, many fail to relise minato s great. Hashirama would probably be the second strongest character that actually uses his own powers, second only to 8th gate gai.

I think guy probably, but ma and pa would be hard to deal with. I see hashirama being mvp here, second being tobirama or hiruzen and third minato since while hes one of the fastest characters in this match he lacks dc without the kyuubi and at best could only send some attacks back with flying raijin which requires prep. Many might say madara would easly win but, many fail to relise minato s great power. The rebuildment of our village was supposed to be minato s buisness. Minato could possible catch him off guard a fair amount of times but i doubt his ability to truly damage him fatally. Naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 game scripts wiki fandom. Everyday the bingo book is renewed with new characters replacing all the previous ones even incomplete ones. Hes taken this skill of his to the highest level, even earning praise from madara uchiha himself. I doubt anyone except for hashirama and the sage of six paths could. In close combat, minato has the rasengan, which is a huge help. Feb 24, 20 in terms of power not counting the tentails, since its more of a weapon, madara and hashirama are tied right now. Sep 25, 2014 naruto shippuden 379 shows the beginning battle of obito vs naruto, sasuke, minato and tobirama while madara battles hashirama. Unlike his rival senju hashirama, madara is a brilliant scientist and integrated hashirama s dna in him, granting himself his rivals signature wood release kekkei genkai and most importantly, the eyes of the god of shinobi, the rinnegan. We are discussing can he win against a tier he was never depicted to be.

The thousand jutsu is a figure of speech, only person who is known to hold more than thousand of jutsus is the 3rd hokage and kakashi, in fact look at tsunada. Not only that, but hes faster than mach 449 bijuudamas. Both madara and itachi uchiha have mentioned that might guy is not to be underestimated. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a page. Jiraiya taking offense to the insult to his old student. Long ago, madara was below hashirama s level, its only right now that madara is able to match hashirama. His abilities are completely unique and different in battle. History for charactersnarutomadarauchiha tv tropes. Who would win, ems madara uchiha or minato namikaze. Who is naturally the most powerful hokage, without any. The 2nd hokage tobirama senju vs minato namikaze the 4th hokage and father of naruto uzumaki, who would win. Madara was betrayed by his own clan who allied with hashirama. Who would win, hashirama senju and madara uchiha vs naruto. Minato vs sm naruto is a more challenging debate in my opinion.

Who would win in a fight, the 1st hokage or the 4th hokage. Dont worry hashirama vs minato is the new itachi vs jiraiya, you will get the attention you are seeking. The only person who was able to battle him back was edo hashirama. Who would win minato namikaze or hashirama senju answers. Also knowing that there was no way that his little brother would do it he also assigns their cousin. The godaime hokage sat on her hokage chair in complete despair as she just witnessed the clone dispel in her office. Even there, i dont think anything hints at kaguya being planet busting and the sage needed his brothers. Minato never mastered his element either, thats why he could not use shuriken rasengan, unlike naruto.

Sasuke down, but all together, neji could definitely win over sasuke. It takes more than a powerful shinobi with the kyuubis power to defeat hashirama. Itachi vs kisame natato vs sasuke uchiha madara vs minato namikaze kakashi vs yamato naruto four tail vs the eight tailed beast konan vs tsunade hashirama senju vs tobirama senju just wondering cause im bored. Jul 23, 2012 then when madara is near a seal, minato can just telliport next to him and kill him but madara has the sharigan so he knows minato s move before minato makes it, and if he try to counter, minato can just simply teleport away can they even touch each other. These two have been compared many times throughout naruto and shippuden and are. Why does stryver continually criticize and belittle sydney carton for his social lapses from tales of two cities book 2 chapter 11. Hashirama sejnu sage modecommission for anthon see more.

Who is stronger now madara or hashiramaexplain why. Hashirama only doesnt know about guiding thunder, which was invented by minato. Both sides were forced to a truce and they allied with each other. Madara appears in the original video animation hashirama senju vs. Minato namikaze is one of the main supporting characters in the naruto. Kakashi is a master of the sharingan and wins most of the battles he is.

Seems like everyone forgets that both minato and tobirama are way faster than hashirama and the hokage team have ohko techs at their disposal. Hashirama is the strongest character in all of naruto and. Like if we were to compare anything, itd be prime six paths sage vs thanos. Hashirama senju 1st hokage vs minato namikaze4th hokage textonly version. Who would win in a fight minato4th hokage or hashirama1st. The goto source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Lets explore the complex madara vs hashirama battle a clash between the two pillars of the ninja world in naruto shippuuden. Dec 09, 2014 madara and hashirama childhood senju clan vs uchiha clan part 1 1080p hd 1080p. Minato had urgent business to take care of and he left hiruzen sensei to take over until the buisness was finished. It was hard to find it, but you didnt mind as thoughts kept flashing through your mind. And if the most recent chapter is anything to go by, madara.

It is believed that hashirama is the only shinobi to ever naturally use the. This story is about the afterlife of hashirama senju, tobirama senju, hiruzen sarutobi, and minato namikaze. Comic book resources also featured him on their list of 10 anime. Madara and hashirama childhood senju clan vs uchiha clan part.

Minato would destroy tobirama minato is faster and can turn into kurama and then joins madara and they beat hashirama. That would leave minato vs hashirama i see this being a stalemate sense minato is to fast to be tagged by hisharama but not being able to put him down. Tobirama senju vs minato namikaze 2nd hokage vs 4th hokage death battle who would win. Naruto pulled out a tripronged kunai as he blocked the large sword. Minato is easily the most overrated character in the series. Whether it was fate or misfortune that they had their souls taken by the death god, the four hokages now have no choice but to linger in such a undesirable realm. Depending on how you consider tobirama is how you consider minato. Me and swagkage go over hokage six paths naruto uzumaki vs hashirama senju and explain how strong they are and who would win. During a time of war came two young friends who were at opposite sides of the bloodshed. Hokages and the shinigami realm chapter 1, a naruto fanfic. There are plenty of strong shinobi in the world of naruto, but madara uchich could easily defeat nearly every ninja he comes across. How can hashirama senju, tobirama senju, hiruzen sarutobi, and minato namikaze.

When jiraiya visited the couple during the pregnancy, he allowed minato to read one of his latest books, a semibiographical account of. Do you think saturday morning cartoons was what killed of comic books once and for all. Since hashirama is also an edo, he can withstand anything madara throws at him. On the other hand, hashirama is someone who can control and tame the tailed beast. Also guy would draw at best in a battle vs hashirama since he would need the 8th gate to beat him but would also pretty much commmit suicide. Somehow, you needed to find a way to get closer to madara yet you knew such task would be quite arduous and tiring.

Hashirama perfect susanoo, so hashirama s large island level. This is a really good fight, but if i had to put money on somebody to win, i would put money on the 4th hokage, because he was able to stop kyuubi, even though he had to risk his life, he still beat kyuubi, just like the 1st though. Heres a list of five characters kakashi can defeat, and five that he cant. Hashirama senju 1st hokage vs minato namikaze4th hokage. His battle against hashirama at the vote had nothing to do with the whole uchiha vs senju thing, the uchiha allied with hashirama and madara wasnt a. Decision time forbidden love hashirama x reader x madara. In terms of power not counting the tentails, since its more of a weapon, madara and hashirama are tied right now. Naruto at his strongest vs hashirama at his strongest. I mean, he was powerful enough to stand up to madara, so i feels like it would be no small th. Who would win, naruto in nine tails mode vs minato.

Hashirama can solo this, with him and minato they slaughter horribly. The fourth hokage of konoha, minato namikaze was the strongest shinobi of his generation and was. You can complete a character by fighting them in any online battle mode. Madara and hashirama childhood senju clan vs uchiha clan part 1 1080p hd 1080p. Madara uchiha is a fictional manga and anime character in the naruto series created by. They both rely mostly on ftg, at which minato is simply better and more versatile.

In this video, me, swagkage, and clyde go over the abilities and lore of both itachi and madara uchiha and determine who would win in a fight. Hashirama along with his sage mode and wood style might be able to track where minato would teleport himself next. Click here to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. Hashirama sejnu sage modecommission for anthon hashirama by alxnarutoall deviantart is the worlds largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. After the raven haired uchiha left you stranded on the construction site, under the place icy moon, you found yourself walking towards the uchiha clan compounds. Minato and naruto seemed pretty equal during the fight against obito, and naruto has gotten decently stronger since he beat nagato. Itachi was sick and he will be pushed to his limits.

Naruto was born on the night of october 10 in secret under the guard of the anbu. Jun 19, 2014 naruto shippuden 366 covers sasuke as well as the allknowing hokages as theyre quickly asked certain questions about the past of the leaf village and what it means to be a shinobi. Minato did not end the third great war, feats to show that. Minato namikazefourth hokage vs madara uchiha tobi. When he was young tobirama hurt his leg during an experiment and hashirama, being the over protective brother that he was order him to stay on bed for at least a week butsuma was away on a mission. Naruto is the son of the fourth hokage, minato namikaze and the second ninetailed fox jinchuuriki, kushina uzumaki, making naruto one of the last members of the famous uzumaki clan. Who would win in a fight minato4th hokage or hashirama. Hashirama vs tobirama, hiruzen, minato, and tsunade. Prime itachi vs base minato of which i think minato wins edo nagato vs edo minato minato would win base jiraiya vs p1 itachi itachi hashirama vs the other hokage all while alive and in their prime guy vs jiraiya both allowed to power up.

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